400+ Hole Card Hand Names

(Sorted by Nick Name)

by Rich McComas (updated December 5, 2004)


Below is an alphabetical listing.  To view the listing by hand value, click here.


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A Little Slice of Heaven (7-2) sarcasm, see WHIP, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
Ace Jackoff (A-Jo) if offsuit, from Bachelor Hand, sounds like a starship pilot, coined by Paramecium on RGP
Ace Magnet(s) (K*) because they draw out aces to beat you
Adam 12 (T-4) from the TV Police Show, ten-four
Aggie Slick (3-2) a putdown of Texas A&M poker players who think this is a good hand and play it
Ainsworth (6-2) ???, possibly a reference to someone in the Austrialian Ainsworth family, known as the poker machin
Ajax (A-J) Ace Jacks
Alan Alda (A-A) an alliteration, star of Mash
Alaska Hand (K-3) from Alaskan King Crag
Albert Anastasia (A-A) first mob boss killed gangland style in 1957, from clevelandrounder on RGP
Alexander (Kc) from Alexander the Great, one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century Europe
Amen (A-4) pronounced Ah-men, the traditional 'amen' cadence in church music is IV to I
American Airlines (ArAr) if both red, because the logo is red
Anthony & Cleopatra (A-Q) A & Queen
Arctic Highway (A-J) ???
Argine (Qc) one of the"four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France, may represent Juno, the
Arizona (A-2) AZ, Z looks like a 2
Ashtray (A-3) imitates Ace-trey
Aunt Jemima (Q-2) see Mrs Buttersworth
Bachelor's Hand (K-J) if offsuit "Jack-King-Off"
Banditerna (AsAc) swedish for "the Bandits"
Barbara Feldon (9-9) Played Agent 99 on Get Smart
Barbara Hutton (T-5) the Woolworth dimestore heiress, 5 & dime
Barely Legal (2-2) just over 21
Barn Owl (7-4) ???
Baskin Robbins (A-3) 31 Flavors
B-Diddy (Q-4) ???, the rap artist
Bed & Breakfast (6-2) darts term, aiming for 20s and shooting 20+5+1, 2 shillings and 6 pence being the cost of a B&B
Beer Hand (7-2) If you win with this, you have to buy everyone a round
Bennifer (J-2) J-Lo-2, nickname for Ben Aflec once connect to Jennifer Lopez, probably some hand he played on Cele
Betty Hutton (9-5) from a version of stud with nines & fives wild
Big Al (K-T) Named after Big Al Emerson
Big Brother (8-4) from George Orwell's book titled "1984"
Big Casino (Tr) either of the red tens
Big Chick (A-Q) imitating Big Slick
Big Fritz (K-2o) ???, offsuit
Big Gulp (3-2o) it was the first 32oz drink
Big Lick (9-6) 69, sexual reference to Big Slick
Big Slick (A-K) ???, if same suit = Big Slick in a Suit
Big Trick (A-Q) vulgar, reference to big slick, presented by coninthian420 in RGP in 2004
Bird Table (J-3) jay tray, coined by Edward Bird on RGP
Bitch with crabs (Q-3) queen, with a three that looks like a crab, coined by felixgufin from RGP
Bitch(es) (Q*) from the poker game, Follow the Bitch, where the card after a queen is wild
Black Jack (AbJb) if both black, from 21
Black Maria (Qs) a variant of the game of Hearts, where the Queen of Space is 13 points, but King and Ace are also p
Blocky (6-3) another nickname of Broomcorn from the story in Super/System. He used to play 63 as an ambush hand
Blocky (6-3) Nickname of Lawrence Herron or Herring, a gambling contemporary of Moss, Binion, Titanic Thompson,
Bookends (A-T) both ends of a top straight
Boot(s) (6*) looks like a boot
Bowling Hand (T-7) the difficult ten-seven split
Boy(s) (J*) the male children in the kingdom
Breakfast of Champions (9-6) 69, sexual reference
Broad(s) (Q*) if they lose
Broderick Crawford or Brokerick (T-4) from 50s "Highway Patrol," who said "10-4" into radio
Buggy Tops (7-7) looks like it
Bull(s) (A*)
Bullet(s) (A*) looks like a bullet
Bully Johnson (5-3) ???
Buns Madrick (9-3) ???
Calamity Jane (Qs) Martha Jane Canary who was buried in Deadwood next to Wild Bill Hickok
Cambodian Slick (7-4o) ???, offsuit
Can of Corn (3-2o) ???, offsuit
Canadian Rockets (Q-Q) ???
Canine (K-9) sounds like k9
Catnuts (8-8) because they look like them
CB Hand (T-4) ten-four is CB radio language for OK
Charlemagne or Charles (Kh) from King Charles VII of France, one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century
Chipwich (Q-T) ???, if both spades
Chris Ferguson (A-9) Chris has been said to look like Jesus and used an A9 twice to win the 2000 WSOP
Cold Turkey (K-K) term borrowed from five card stud, a pair of kings, back to back, on the first two cards
Colt 45 (5-4) the gun, and the beer
Columbia River (K-7) there's no place like the Columbia River to grab the King Salmon when they run
Computer Hand (Q-7) there is a story of an early computer simulation in which Q7 was a break-even hand
Corn Cutter(s) (7*) because they look like corn stalk cutting tools
Cornerstone (8-5) if clubs then Cornerstone Crusher, ???, coined by Xmas and friends from RGP
Count Down (T-9) ten nine
Cowboy Wolford (K-K) from Byron "Cowboy" Wolford, not sure of reason
Cowboy(s) (K*) starts with K sound
Crab(s) (3*) because a 3 looks like it has pincers
Curse of Mexico (2s) ???, probably a parody on Curse of Scotland
Dame(s) (Q*)
Darth Vader (4-4) the two black fours are the "dark force"
David (Ks) from the Biblical King, one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century Europe
Dead Man's Hand (A-8) Wild Bill Hickok was holding aces and eights when he was shot in the back by Jack McCall in the M
Deuce(s) (2*) probably from the French word for two, duex
Deuces Never Loses (2-2) bad rhyme
Devil's bedpost (4c) ???, possibly four poster bed
Dewey Duck (2*) in pun, Asian pan players call a deuce a Gooey Duck
Diana Dors (4-4) her top measurement
Dice (J-7) 7-11, winning dice at craps, from clevelandrounder on RGP
Dime(s) (T*) ten
Dimestore (T-5) from 5 & dime
Dinner for Two (9-6) 69, sexual reference
Dirty Dog (K-9) if both are black
Divorce (K-Q) if it loses, and Marriage if it wins
Dog Balls or Dawg Bawls (8-8) looks like them
Dog Pound (K-9) see canine
Dolly Parton (9-5) from the movie 9 to 5
Done Hand (J-4) when you play it, you're usually done
Double Nickels (5-5)
Doyle Brunson (T-2) he won 2 back to back WSOPs with this hand
Drunk Man's Ace (4*) pointy top, looks like an ace
Duck(s) (2*) from duex, French word for two, also a 2 looks like a duck
Dutch Waiter (7-3) Sven with a Tray
Dyke(s) (Q*) vulgar, if they lose
Dyne-O-Mite (J-J) JJ from TV's "Good Times"
Eds (K*) ???
Emergency (J-9) 9-11, from clevelandrounder on RGP
Eubie (8-6) If you play these, you be broke
Exxon Valdez (AsKs) if both spades, The Valdez created a big black oil slick in Alaska, coined by Peder Jakobsen 2004
Eye(s) (A*) probably from snake eyes in dice
Eyes of Texas (A-A) from the Elvis Presley song, probably an elaboration on dice
Face Sitter (Q-8) vulgar, the queen ate
Ferdinand and Isabella (K-Q) Spanish King & Queen
Fever (5*) imitative
Filipino Aces (A-4) derogatory misreading of two sharp tops
Filipino Slick (7-5o) ???, offsuit
Finky Dink (8-5) if you play this hand, you will lose your money, and want to exclaim F*** a Duck, but then change i
Fishhooks (J-J) they look like them, and because fish get beat with overpairs
Five-spot (5*) can add spot to any card
Flat Tire (J-4) what's a jack for?
Foamy Cleanser (A-J) ajax
Fork (K-4) FourK, if offsuit = Fork Off, if spades = Spork
Four tits (Q-Q) vulgar
Fred & Ethel (Q-J) if Lucy and Ricky are KQ
Frog Eyes (8*) looks like them
Gay Waiter (Q-3) queen with a tray
George Orwell (8-4) author of the book titled "1984"
German Virgin (9-9) nein, nein!
Girls (Q*) a euphemism for whores, only if they lose, coined by Swen Larsen
Girls with Curls (Q*)
Goolsby (Q-T) named for Everett Goolsby, well known Texas gambler. Crony of Doyle Brunson,Cowboy Wolford, Bennie
Gorilla(s) (K*) from King Kong
Gorillas in the Mist (K-K) from the movie starring Seguorny Weaver
GrannyMae (Qs5s) an old-time player, Granny is the Queen of Poker, Mae=May, the 5th Month, designated out of respect
Grapefruit (9-7) Grapefruit, 79 cents a pound
Gretzky (9-9) hockey player's uniform
Greyhound (Q-T) if you play it you ought to catch the next greyhound out of town
Gutter Slut (9-6) vulgar, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
Happy Meal (9-6) 69, sexual reference
Hard Working Man (9-5) works 9 to 5
Harry Potter (K-J) written by JK Rowling
Heaven (7*) a rhyme, from rgposter's little brother on RGP
Hector (Jd) the hero of Troy, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14th century France
Heinz 57 Sauce (7-5) Heinz invented 57 different sauces
Helen of Troy (Qh) one of the"four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France
Hellish (6-6) from 666 in the Book of Revelations
Hen(s) (Q*) female chickens
Henry Bowen (8-6) a Texas gambler, ???
High Five (A-5) Ace "high five"
Hilton Sisters (Q-Q) Jetset party girls Paris & Nicki Hilton

Hockey Sticks (7-7) looks like them
Hogier (Js) Hogier La Danois, one of Charlemagne's lieutenants, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14th cent
Hogs or Hognuts (8*) looks like them
Honeysticks (7*) ???
Hook(s) (J*) vulgar, jack's in the hole
Hooker(s) (Q*) if they lose, but if they win, they are ladies
Hooter Hand (3-2s) suited, minimum measurements to fit the uniform
Hunting Season (A-2) A Bullet and a Duck
Infinity and Beyond (8-8) from toy story, 8 on side is infinity
Irwin? (5-5) After RGer Frank Irwin, when someone wins and says "presto," another RGer countersigns with "Irwin?
Jack Ass (A-J) jack ace
Jack Benny (9-3) always 39 years old
Jack Jackson (J-J) an alliteration
Jack Nicholson (Kd) mad man with an ax, aka "Heeere's Johnny"
Jack Sikma  (J-6) from the Seattle Sonics
Jackal(s) (J*) starts with J
Jackson Five (J-5) Michael Jackson's childhood group
Jackson(s) (J*) starts with J
Jacksonville (J*) starts with J
Jacksonville Florida (J*) starts with J
Jailhouse Rock (Q-Q) homosexuality in prison
Jake(s) (J*) starts with J
J-bird(s) or Jaybird(s) (J*) starts with J
J-boy(s) or Jayboy(s) (J*) starts with J
Jeanine (J-9) imitative
Jeff Talley (J-6) ???
Jeffery Dalmer (J-8) he ate Jack, serial killer who ate his victims
Jermaine (J-4) it is the Jackson Five, minus one, coined by Robbie C on RGP
Jesse James (5-4) because the outlaw was rumored to have been shot by a .45.
Jesus (A-9) see Chris Ferguson
JFK (6-3) the last year he was president, see LBJ, coined by RazzO from RGP
Jimmy Somerfield (6-3) Jimmy won a huge pot in Tunica after a dealer told him to play this hand
Joe Bernstein (9-6) ???, a gambler from the 30s, a sharp road gambler. Joe was known as a dapper dresser at the poker t
Joe Louis (AsAc) two black eyes, what you will get in the ring if you fight Joe Louis, coined by Gary Phillips
Joe Montana Banana (9-4) 49ers quarterback, borrowed from 92 Montana Banana, when he was benched the joke was 49 unsuited
John(s) (J*) starts with J
Johnny Moss (A-T) ???, Poker hall of fame, won the WSOP in 70, 71 and 74
Johnny(ies) (J*) imitative
Jordan (3-2s) suited Michael Jordan, uniform number
Joy Girl(s) (Q*)
Judith (Qh) from the Bible, one of the"four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France
Julius Caesar (Kd) one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century Europe
Kangaroos (K-K) kangaroos are used on childrens alphabet cards to illustrate a K
Katie or Katy (K-T) imitative
K-Boy(s) (K*) Starts with K
Ken Warren (6-5) won with this hand at WSOP
Kevin (K-7) Kseven sounds like Kevin, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
Kicks (6-6) get your kicks on route 66
King Crab (K-3) 3 looks like crab
King Jackoff (K-J) if offsuit, a reference to the Bachelor Hand, coined by cpowers38 from RGP
King John (K-J) KJ
King Kong (K*)
King Salmon (K-7) in the northwest, the say "seven" like "saban," see King Crab
King without a Mustache (Kh) the king of hearts is the only one with a mustache
Knave(s) (J*)
Kojak (K-J) mimics KJack
Kokomo (K-8) imitative
La Hire (Jh) The Hero" of France, Etienne de Vignoles, a knight under Charles VII of France, one of the origina
Lady(ies) (Q*) if they win, but if they lose they are whores
Lancelot (Jc) Sir Lancelot from the knight of King Arthur's Round Table, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14
LBJ (6-4) the year he became president, see JFK, coined by RazzO from RGP
Little Oldsmobile (8-8) big was olds 98, smaller car called olds 88
Little Pete (3-2) ???
Lobster Trap (J-9) ???
Lucy & Ricky (K-Q) king and queen of TV
Lumberjack (4-2) a 2x4
Lumberman's Hand (4-2) a 2x4
Magnum (4-4) the .44 cal gun
Man with the Axe (Kd) the king of diamonds is the only one holding an axe
Maria (Qs) aka Black Maria, a variant of the game of Hearts, where the Queen of Space is 13 points, but King a
Marriage (K-Q) comes from the game of pinochle
Maverick (Q-J) from Maverick TV show theme song, "Livin' on jacks and queens. Maverick is a legend of the west."
Maxwell Smart (8-6) from TV show Get Smart, agent 86, see also 99
McDerment (Ac9c) if both clubs, Matt Damon lost all his money with this in the movie Rounders, from clevelandrounder
Meathook(s) (7*) because they look like them, from an RGPers old college professor
Mighty Wurlitzer (8-8) the number of keys on the organ
Mike Haven (Ad-Kd) Mike played two pre-flops all-in in a row with these cards to win the final table, coming from behind.
Mile High (A-6) the Flying Ace and sex, or Airplane and Sex
Mini me (2-2) from the Austin Powers movies, from clevelandrounder on RGP
Mississippi Slick (3-2) ???
Mites & Lice (3-2) because they are parasites
Molly Hogan (Qs) ???
Monarch(s) (K*) kings
Mongrel (K-9) from canine
Monica Lewinsky (K-8) she ate the king
Monkey See Monkey Do (9-7) ???
Montana Banana (9-2o) either the proposition # that legalized poker in Montana or because bananas will grow in Montana be
Mop Squeezer(s) (Q*) politically incorrect
Morgan (J-T) JT Morgan, the financier
Motown (J-5) record label for Jackson Five
Mrs Buttersworth (A-Q) ???
Mullets (7-7) because of the hair style, flat in front, long in back
Nacogdoches Gumbo (8-5) ???
Needles (A-A) looks like needles
Neener(s) (9*) imitative
Nickels and Dimes (T-5)
Nina Ross (9*) neener for nine
Nina(s) (9*) imitative
Nits & Buggers (3-2) because they are parasites
Not According to Doyle (A-Q) because he never plays this hand, see also T2. Doyle was the first player to win $1 million in tour
Ocho (8*) Spanish for eight
Oedipus Rex (Q-J) incestuous mother and son
Office Hours (9-5) because these are typical office hours, coined by George Coffin
Ogier (Js) Ogier the Dane, a ficticious hero built on Hogier that went to Avalon and returned after 200 years
Oldsmobile (9-8) the Olds 98 car
One Legged Ace (4*) because they are missing a leg
One-eyed Jacks (JsJh) if the jack of spades and the jack of hearts, both side views
One-eyed King (Kd) the king of diamonds is the only one with a side view of his face
Over and Out (T-4) two-way radio language for end of conversation, ten-four is radio language for OK
Pacheco Nuts (8-6) ???, offsuit
Pair of Dogs (K-9) from canine
Pair of Wire Cutters (Q-Q) dikes
Pallas Athena (Qs) one of the"four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France
Peanut Butter & Jelly (Q-6o) ???, offsuit
Pedigree (K-9) from canine
Pedro (5*) because 5s are important in the game of pedro
People Who Need People (K-J) Barbara Streisand Song, the luckiest hand in the world when it pays off
Percy (9-6) offsuit, 69 sexual reference
Phil Helmuth (9-9) he won the 1989 WSOP with this hand
Phillips (6-6) Phillips 66 Gas Stations
Pickle Man (7-5) refers to Heinz of 57 sauces fame
Pigs Eye (Ad) ???
Pinochle (QsJd) the big hand in pinochle
Pocket Rockets (A-A) looks like rockets
Pocket Swans (2-2) looks like swans
Polish Big Slick (3-2) a bad Pollock joke mimicking AK Big Slick
Popeye's (9-9) ???
Posh Gay Waiter (Q-3) queen with a tray, only if 3 is spades
Pot hook(s) (9*) looks like them
Presto (5-5) originally a blackjack term, later adopted by rec.gambling holdem players due to magical experience
Prom Night (9-6s) if suited because the wear a tux on prom night, 69 sexual reference
Puppy Foot (Ac) it looks like one
Puppyfoot (Ac) looks like one
Puta (Q*) vulgar, spanish whore
Quackers (2-2) see ducks
Quarter (5-2) 25 cents
Quatro (4*) Spanish for four
Quinine (Q-9) imitative
Quint (Q-T) imitative
Rabbit (6-4) ???
Racetrack (8-8) goes round and round like a race track
Rachel (Qd) the biblical Rachel, one of the"four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France
Railbound (J-J) If you play this heavy, you are bound for the rail
Railroad Hand (J-6) say it rhythmically, jacks and sixes, jacks and sixes
Raquel Welch (8-3) 38=TopHeavy, if unsuited, Raquel Welch in Playboy Magazine
Rat's Eyes (A-A) an elaboration from dice?
Red Barron (A-7) Sven, the Flying Ace
Redbird Shifter (5d3d) if both diamonds, ???
Robert Varkonyi (Q-T) in the 2002 WSOP, Varkonyi knocked out Phil Hellmuth? and eventually won the final event with thi
Rocket(s) (A*) looks like rockets
Roger That (T-4) two-way radio language for OK, ten-four is also radio language for OK
Roland (Jd) Charlemagne's nephew, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14th century Europe
Rotten Cowboy (K-5o) as per The Beet Man on RGP
Rounders Hand (A-9) from the movie
Route 66 (6-6) The road from Chicago to LA
Royal Couple (K-Q) king and queen
RPM (8-7) 78 records
Rusty Trombone (7-3o) ???, from The Beet Man on RGP
Sailboats (4-4) looks like two sails
Salmon (7*) imitative of seven, a hand for fish
Sammy (5-5) Sammy Hagar, who sang, I can't drive 55, used in Pacific Northwest
San Francisco (9-4) 49ers, the football team
San Francisco Bus Boy (Q-3) queen with a tray
San Francisco Wedding (Q-Q) gay reference
Santa Barbara (A-K) due to a big oil spill off Santa Barbara
Saturn (7-7) Saturn VII Rocket
Savanna (7*) imitative of seven
Sawmill (K-9o) if you play K9 off-suit too much you'll end up working
Sax (6*) imitative
Scourge of Scotland (9d) aka Curse of Scotland - because every ninth Scottish king was a tyrant and diamonds were a symbol o
Seed(s) (A*)
Sergeant(s) (K*) from K company
Sex (6*) imitative
Sharp Top (4*) because they have sharp tops, Aces are sharp toys
Sharp Tops (A-4) these two cards both have sharp tops
Sharp Toy(s) (A*) sharp on top, see also A4
Sheep Posts (7*) they look like a seven, from clevelandrounder on RGP
SHIP (J-J) Shittiest Hand In Poker, because you always raise pre-flop and still get beat
Shocker (A-2) ???, possibly the only playable hand that includes a duece, so it creates havoc with twos on the bo
Sickening (6*) imitative, and embarrased to show it
Siegfried and Roy (Q-Q) two queens
Sixty Nine (8-2) I ate too
Sizzler (K-3) the home of all-you-can-eat King Crab
Slippery Anne (Qs) a variant of the game of Hearts, where the Queen of Space is 13 points, but King and Ace are also p
Snake Eyes (A-A) from dice
Snowmen (8-8) looks like two snowmen
Soixante Neuf (9-6) pronounced swa-za-noof, which is 69 in French
Sore Spot (4*) rhymes with 4-spot
Speed Limit (5-5) 55 MPH
Spike (A*) spiked on top
Spot (A*) all numbered cards are spots, 5-spots, etc, and an ace is a one-spot, or just spot
Stenographer(s) (Q*) traditionally a women's job
Sticks (A-A) looks like sticks
Suicide King (Kh) the king of hearts has a sword at his head
Sunset Strip (7-7) from "77 Sunset Strip," a TV series that aired from '58-'64 starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Suzanna Banana (8-3o) if offsuit, ???
Sven (8-3) ???
Swedish Busboy (7-3) Sven with a Tray, see also San Francisco Busboy and Dutch Waiter
Tahoe (8-7) from the seven/8 variation of holdem
Tee Pee(s) (A*) looks like tee pees
Tenaciously (T-8) the only hand that tells you how to play itself
Tension (T-T) imitative
Terminator II (T-2) T2 is abbreviation for Terminator II
Tetris (T-8) imitative
Texas Dolly (T-2) Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson twice won the WSOP in 1975 and 1976 turning these hole cards into full
The Answer (4-2) from Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, the computer decided that the answer to everything in the univ
The Big Man Hand (7-2o) because it takes a big man to play it, coined by friends of McD on RGP
The Candlestick (A-2) ???, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
The Concubine (K-6) the with whom the King has sex
The Feast (K-8) the King Ate
The Fridge (7-2) After football player "The Refrigerator" William Perry
The Good Buddy (T-4) old trucker radio language, ten-four is CB language for OK
The Good Lover (9-6) 69, sexual reference
The Jew (J-2) Jtwo sounds like Jew, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
The Meat (J-5) vulgar, probably about jacking off with five fingers
The Mutt (K-9) see canine
The Poker Dean (4-4) ???
The Question (6-4) from TV's $64000 Question
The Scag (8-5) named after Paramecian from RGP, because it seems to flop straights or boats
The Terminator (7-2) ???, 27
The Trucker (T-4) from CB radio, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
The Whip (7-2) The Worst Hand In Poker, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
Thirty Days (T-T) 30 days said the judge
Transvestite (A-4) because you anticipated a second Ace, but were quite disappointed when you looked closely
Trey(s) (3*)
Trombones (7-6) from the song "76 Trombones", from the movie "Music Man"
Tucson Monster (K-J) ???
Turner & Hooch (K-9) from the movie, see canine, coined by Supe and friends from RGP
Twenty Miles (T-T) thirty miles if you flop a set
Twiggy (9-2) from the 70's model's top measurement of 29
Two Bits (5-2) 25 cents
Two Chicks at the Same Time (Q-Q) sexual reference
Two Fat Ladies (8-8) looks like two fat ladies
Two Jakes (J-J) the movie sequel to "Chinatown" staring Jack Nicholson and Harvey Keitel
Union Oil (7-6) Union 76 gas stations
Valet(s) (J*) French
Virgin Princess (J-9) nein to Jack
Visine (ArAr) if both red, two red eyes, it gets the red out, coined by Gary Phillips
Walking Back to Houston (A-K) gamblers who played this hand too strongly were often left with no getaway money
Waltz Time (4-3) 3/4 meter
Water Chickens (2*) ducks
Weinberg (T-3) ???, possibly referring to Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics
White Men Can't Jump (K-2) from the movie, they play the king and the duck at the end of the film, coined by Supe and friends
Whores (Q*) only if they lose, but if they win, they are ladies
Windsor Waiter (Q-2) queen with a tray
Witch(es) (Q*) if she loses, Lady if she wins
Woodcutter (K-T) offsuit, possibly from the Legend of King Edward and the Woodcutter???
Woolworth (T-5) the Five and Dime store chain


Source: www.holdemsecrets.com

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*=any single, o=offsuit, r=red, b=black, c=clubs, d=diamonds, h=hearts, s=spades or suited