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Articles & Lists Archived on this Site.


Hand Names - A database of pocket card hand names and descriptions of their origins, including both recognized and regional names.


Truisms - A list of 101 poker truisms, great for training, article subtitles, or just for table conversation.


Books - A list of more than 600 poker books which I know about, past and present.


Arizona Casinos - Casinos in Arizona with poker facilities and tournaments.


Pre-Flop - A chart designed to show pre-flop betting strategies based upon hands, position, previous bets, and number of players.


Seating - A list of valuable seating tips, including what to observe and what kind of player you want to sit before and after, or across from.


Bad Beats - An article about being a good loser, and by that I mean, making strategic retreats and choosing who to lose to when you don't have the nuts.


Starting Hands - A discussion of thirteen types of starting hands and their odds of winning against random hands, plus an analysis of their viability against pot odds.


Sucker Hands - A discussion of several types of sucker hands, hands which are often played by beginners to showdown and lose.


Insults - 200 timeless poker insults, used for weak players, cheaters, and card sharks.


History - Of the 1800's origins of poker.


Life Magazine - A scan of the first known printed reference to Holdem poker, appearing in a 1968 issue of Life Magazine.


Quotes - More than 100 famous quotes about or related to poker.


WSOP - Winners and number of entrants for all years back to 1970.