The Growth of Poker Publishing

by Rich McComas (updated May 17, 2004)


The chart below is taken from my poker book database.  There are

four versions of this list, grouped by Date, Author, Genre, and Title.




<1800 - The Predecessors of Poker (4 books)

1800-1839 - Earliest Mentions of Poker (3 books)

1840-1869 - Hoyle Books Document Evolution of Poker (4 books)

1870s - Poker Becomes a Game with Rules (7 books)

1880s - Poker becomes America's National Game (30 books)

1890s - The End of Saloons and Six-Shooters (14 books)

1900s - Science and Math First Applied to Poker (29 books)

1910s - Industrialization Paves over the Wild West (8 books)

1920s - Revitalization in the Roaring 20's (18 books)

1930s - Stud Gains Popularity (12 books)

1940s - Emergence of the Poker Strategists (17 books)

1950s - Game Theory Kick-starts New Ideas (32 books)

1960s - Poker in the Living Room (23 books)

1970s - Modern Age of Poker Strategy (56 books)

1980s - Casinos, Cardrooms & the WSOP (87 books)

1990s - Learning to Play Poker for a Living (143 books)

2000s - Hold'em Explosion on the Internet & TV (141+ books)



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